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Thomas E. Thompson

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Beamer, Slagg & Thompson LLC

Tom Thompson helped me at a very difficult time in my life when I was injured as a result of the negligence of engineers and architects. Mr. Thompson filed suit on my behalf and shepherded the case through the courts and got a lump sum settlement for me plus lifetime monthly benefits, which allowed me to quit my job and still take care of my family. I will always be thankful for his assistance in this case.

-Lawrence B.
Independence, MO

Mr .Thomas E. Thompson was a great help to my family. He handled our situation efficiently and with the utmost care and expedience. Mr. Thompson listened to us, he informed our family of possible outcomes, he achieved the result that we needed, and he kept in constant contact with us, updating us on our case status. We would definitely recommend Mr. Thompson and the law firm of Beamer, Slagg, and Thompson LLC to anyone else who has complicated legal issues.

-Victoria B.
Kansas City, MO

I am a widow. My husband died as a result of a disease brought on by his job of working with the metal beryllium, neither his company nor its insurance would pay any compensation.

The insurance company, a very large company, used every tactic to prevent any payment of compensation.
Attorney Tom sued the insurance company. The insurance company used every delaying tactic plus challenging Tom to produce data and knowledgeable medical experts to support the claim that my husbands death was indeed the result of his job that required him to work with beryllium.

Finally after many, many months, the court awarded my compensation. The insurance company refused to accept the award the courts had awarded to me and refused to pay.

Attorney Tom then notified the insurance company that he would seize their assets. The insurance company finally agreed to pay.
I am eternally grateful that there are attorneys like Tom and would gladly recommend him to anyone.

-Laverne A.
Las Cruces, NM

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