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  1. TALK TO NO ONE - do not talk to anyone about your accident except one of the lawyers or investigators in our office. You should always require identification so that you are sure who you are talking to. Do not even talk to your own insurance company or to any lawyers hired by your own insurance company without notifying us so that we may be present if we desire. We will generally want these statements taken in our office.

  1. YOUR DOCTOR- You should return to each of your doctors as often as necessary and should always tell them about all your complaints. You should not minimize your ailments to your doctors as it is one of his best ways of knowing how to treat you. If you see any additional doctors, be sure we are advised immediately of their names and addresses.

  1. RECORD OF COMPLAINTS - Please keep a daily or weekly record of your complaints and progress. This can be very helpful when, a year later, you will be able to recall your pain and difficulties more vividly.

  1. WAGES AND EARNINGS LOST - Please keep an accurate record of all days lost from work and income lost because of your injuries.

  1. MEDICAL BILLS - Obtain and keep duplicate copies of all medical, hospital and drug bills. You should periodically send these bills to us for our files. Also keep records of any other expenses you may have in connection with your accident, such as the hiring of extra help. All your bills should be paid by check or you should obtain and keep receipts. You should make and keep a list of all your medical bills and the costs incurred in going to your doctor.

  1. CAR REPAIR - Do not have your automobile repaired until you are sure that you or we have obtained pictures of it, After pictures are taken by this office, have your collision insurance carrier repair your car.

  1. TRAFFIC OFFENSES - Never plead guilty to any traffic offenses and if you are arrested in connection with this accident, call one of the lawyers in the office immediately and we will see that someone represents or advises you. In the event of a coroner’s inquest or other type of hearing, be sure to notify this office so that we will be able to represent you in connection with this inquest.

  1. WITNESSES - Furnish to us immediately the current names, addresses and telephone numbers to any and all witnesses you may learn of.

  1. SAVE YOUR CAST - If your injury requires a cast, brace, traction, or other appliance, save it for evidence and trial. You should notify us that you are keeping these things and when the case is set for hearing you should bring these items with you.

  1. PHOTOGRAPHS - Send us the negatives and prints of any photographs pertaining to your case which you or any of your friends have taken. If you are required to be in the hospital and are receiving any type of treatment like traction or physical therapy, please notify our office so that we can have our investigator photograph you. Try to get photographs of your vehicle as soon as possible and/or tell your lawyer where he can photograph your vehicle.

  1. HOSPITAL AND DOCTORS BILLS - Have your own auto insurance carrier pay as many hospital and doctor bills under the medical payment provisions of your policy as possible. You should also have your hospitalization insurance such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield pay as much on your bills as possible. Doctors and hospitals are more cooperative when their bills are paid. You should not expect them to wait until your case is tried or settled to receive payment. You should, therefore pay any balance as soon as possible.

  1. QUESTIONS - We will probably not contact you until we have something definite to report. We will be contacting you for your depositions, answers to interrogatories, and when your case goes to trial, which may be in excess of one-year from the time that suit is filed. If you have specific questions in regard to those instructions or any other matters in regard to your case, please feel free to call or write us.

  1. YOUR ADDRESS/TELEPHONE NUMBER - Be sure to keep us advised of any changes in your address or telephone number. Please do not come in expecting to see one of the attorneys without an appointment.
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